Public Disclosure

McMaster Nuclear Operations and Facilities operates under a Non-Power Reactor operating license issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Communication with our community is a key part of our operation, with the public disclosure policy and other documents found on this page


Quality Assurance

In order to establish and maintain excellence in the performance and management of work at Nuclear Operations and Facilities, Quality Principles have been adopted. These principles focus on the management of work to achieve results and to ensure that technical requirements are met



Learn more about how McMaster's nuclear research facilities are regulated


Equal Access

To access any facility at Nuclear Operations and Facilities, please email and identify both the facility you would like to use and an outline of your planned experiment


Terms of Purchase

Any purchase of products or services are bound by Nuclear Operations & Facilities' Terms and Conditions, which are available for download here


How does the McMaster Nuclear Reactor Work?

Learn more about how the MNR reactor works, along with information about fission, fuels, and structural information


What is an Isotope?

Learn about radioisotope production and isotopes available at McMaster Nuclear Reactor


What is Neutron Activation Analysis?

Learn about neutron activation analysis and its applications in the nuclear, materials, and environmental sectors


VR Tour

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