Short-Lived Neutron Activation Analysis

A neutron activation technique that can be used to quantify dozens of chemical elements including metals, non-metals and metalloids at the parts per million level. Available through the Centre for Neutron Activation Analysis Read more »

Prompt-Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis

A service offered by the Centre for Neutron Activation Analysis (CNAA), it is used primarily for non-destructive elemental composition analysis Read more »

Delayed Neutron Counting

DNC is a service provided by the Centre for Neutron Activation Analysis (CNAA), and is most commonly used for uranium content analysis. Read more »

Radioisotope Development & Production

Radioactive isotopes are widely used in basic and applied science and engineering, most notably as environmental and industrial tracers, and for medical imaging procedures. Read more »

Medical Isotopes

McMaster Nuclear Reactor produces a wide range of radioisotopes for many applications and is currently the largest producer of medical isotope Iodine-125. Read more »

Fluorine Analysis

Fluorine analysis is a service that is offered by Centre for Neutron Activation Analysis (CNAA) and allows for the short-lived F-20 to be analyzed. Read more »

Gamma Counting

Analysis and counting of gamma-emitting radionuclides is a service provided through the Centre for Neutron Activation Analysis (CNAA) using HPGe detectors Read more »

Core Irradiations

As Nuclear Operations & Facilities houses a reactor, we are able to conduct in-core irradiations of various lengths of time in order to satisfy research and industrial needs of academic and client services. Read more »

Co-60 Irradiations

A 10kCi Co-60 source is housed in the industrial hotcell within containment at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. Various irradiation's are routinely done ranging from qualifying nuclear equipment to sterilization and nuclear dating. Read more »

Taylor Radiobiology Source

The Taylor Source is a unique large volume, high dose-rate Cs-137 source, commonly used to examine the effects γ-radiation on living systems. Read more »

Hotcell Services

Nuclear Operations and Facilities is home to three independent hot cell facilities located on campus, which can be used for various nuclear, materials, environmental, and health applications. Read more »

Neutron Radiography

Neutron radiography is a non-destructive technique for photographing the interior structure of solid objects. Read more »

Nuclear Dating

Nuclear dating plays an important role for determining the age of geological samples. Both the 39Ar-40Ar method or Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy method are offered through MNR to age date important archaeological artifacts Read more »

Neutron Diffraction

Neutron diffraction is a non-destructive technique that is used to probe the structure of materials at the atomic level. The sample is placed within a neutron beam and the angles at which the neutrons are scattered by the material are recorded and information is gathered. Read more »

Post-Irradiation Examination

Many areas of Nuclear Operations and Facilities allow for post irradiation examination purposes to allow for in depth analysis to take place. Read more »

Technical Services – Engineering Design and Fabrication

The Technical Services team provides essential engineering support for ancillary groups within Nuclear Operations & Facilities including Iodine-125 production, radioisotope development, quality assurance, and reactor operations. Read more »

Contract Research Services

The flexibility and breadth of our nuclear facilities as well as a strong research environment and staffing faciliates numerous research applications. Read more »