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Core Irradiations

As Nuclear Operations & Facilities houses a reactor, we are able to conduct in-core irradiations of various lengths of time in order to satisfy research and industrial needs of academic and client services.

Expandable List

  • Seven graphite-reflected irradiation sites are available. These sites have well-thermalized fluxes ranging from 1.0–2 x1013 n/cm2•s
  • One beryllium-reflected irradiation site is available. It has a harder neutron spectrum,  with a thermal neutron flux of 2.5×1013 n/cm2•s
  • Irradiation times can range from hours to weeks.
  • Cadmium and lead foil wrapping is available.
  • Samples must be double encapsulated and fit within MNR’s aluminum irradiation capsules (internal dimensions = 7.5 cm h x 1.8 cm d)
  • Two “RIFLS” irradiation facilities are available for samples up to 75.0 x 6.0 cm in size. These sites have a thermal neutron flux of 6 to 9 x 1012 n/cm2•s
  • These irradiations can be done with or without addition of a cadmium liner for fast neutron irradiations.
  • One additional irradiation site exists for oversize samples (up to 75.0 x 12.5 cm) with a thermal neutron flux of 5 x 1012 n/cm2•s
  • Irradiation times can range from hours to weeks.
  • An automated, air-driven pneumatic system is available for short “Rabbit” irradiations with rapid sample return. These sites have a well-thermalized neutron flux of 5 x 1012 n/cm2•s
  • One Rabbit site is unlined, while the other has a 1 mm cadmium lining that surrounds the sample.
  • Samples must be encapsulated in purpose-designed polyethylene tubes (5.0 x 1.8 cm).
  • Irradiation times range from 10 s to 1 h.