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Quality Assurance

In order to establish and maintain excellence in the performance and management of work at MNR, Quality Principles have been adopted. These principles focus on the management of work to achieve results and to ensure that technical requirements are met. Working within the framework of these principles will foster good safety culture and assist in creating the mind-set and understanding required of the staff.

These principles are as follows:

  • Define goals, objectives and policies and ensure they are understood
  • Specify roles and responsibilities and ensure they are understood and accepted
  • Specify and communicate results to be achieved; identify and allocate resources to achieve them
  • Hold individuals accountable for their work
  • Ensure people are competent at their work
  • Ensure the right people have the right information at the right time
  • Seek and use relevant experience
  • Plan and control work
  • Use the right material, equipment, items and processes, and control any changes to them
  • Verify work to ensure that it meets requirements
  • Identify and remedy deficiencies and their causes
  • Control the production, use, storage and retrieval of essential documents and records
  • Periodically review management and work processes to maintain and improve their effectiveness and efficiency
  • All radioisotope stock solutions are analyzed in-house by quality assurance technicians prior to shipment. Criteria that are evaluated include:
    • Radionuclidic purity (gamma spectroscopy)
    • Radiochemical purity (radio-TLC or radio-HPLC)
    • Specific activity (NAA, HPLC)

Quality is the focus of everything we do.

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