Building the McMaster Nuclear Reactor

The McMaster Nuclear Reactor (MNR) first became operational in 1959 and was the first university-based research reactor in the British Commonwealth. The construction took place between 1957-1959, and was well documented through a series of photographs. Take a look at the rich history of the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, and what it takes to make a research reactor!

NOF Visits China – The World’s Fastest Growing Nuclear Market

Canada’s Nuclear Industry Travels to China to Expand its Presence in the World’s Fastest Growing Nuclear Market

Supplying the Globe with Medical Isotopes

In 2017, Nuclear Operations & Facilities responded to increased global demand for the essential medical isotope Iodine-125.

Health Physics Team

The Health Physics Department ensures the safety, continuous monitoring and training for all those who deal with radiation in the McMaster community.

Dr. Thode

Tribute to Dr. Henry George Thode 1910-1997