In an effort to ensure Canada’s status as a world leader in nuclear isotope production, McMaster Nuclear Operations & Facilities has joined the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC). It is an independant organization formed to advocate for the nation’s production of radioistopes – which can be used in health, energy, medicine, sterization and space exploration applications.

Other members include Bruce Power, Cameco, OPG, the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine, BWXT and SNC Lavalin.

NOF is one of the world’s largest suppliers of I-125, a medical isotope used for oncology treatments worldwide. Nuclear medicine is a non-invasive imaging method that reveals how organs and bodily systems function. 40+ million nuclear medicine procedures are performed each year, with a 5% annual increase for various radioisotopes.

With the recent shuttering of the NRU reactor at Chalk River, Canada risks falling behind in production and product innovation. With NOF supporting radioisotope development and production though the CNIC, the preservation of the nation’s leadership in nuclear medicine and radioisotope innovation can be achieved.