Reactor Construction at a Glance

 Reactor Design and Construction AMF Atomics (Canada) Limited
 Building Design William R. Souter & Associates
 Mechanical and Electrical Design O. G. Moffat Limited
 Structural Design Wagner, McCargar and Filer
 Building Construction Pigott Construction Company Limited
 Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Canadian Comstock Company Limited
 Regulator Canadian Nuclear Safey Commission


The construction of an “MTR Class Reactor” (MTR = Materials Test Reactor) in 1950’s West Hamilton was a unique occurrence, and the progress of the project was documented in a series of photographs. The slide show below begins with the ground breaking in September 1957, through the completion of the containment structure in September 1958, up to the official opening ceremony for the McMaster Nuclear Reactor that was held on April 10, 1959, less than a week after MNR first achieved criticality.

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