McMaster Nuclear Operations and Facilities is a multi-purpose research facility, featuring an open-pool Materials Test Reactor. The reactor’s design allows for insertion and removal of samples for neutron irradiation, imparting a degree of flexibility that many other classes of reactors lack. It features several neutron beams which are ideal for applications such as neutron radiography and neutron diffraction experiments. Reactor staff conduct hundreds of thousands of neutron irradiations every year, many in support of industry (e.g. mining exploration, environmental samples). Neutrons from the reactor are also used to conduct quality assurance testing on turbine blades for jet engines using the neutron radiography facility at one of the beam-ports. The reactor is a world leader in the production of iodine-125, a radioactive isotope that is used in the treatment of prostate cancer.  The reactor also has an industrial hot cell inside the reactor containment building for handling highly radioactive samples. As there are so many products and services offered at Nuclear Operations and Facilities that allow for commercial use and research.